The Lose It For Life Program

Lose It For Life is an all-encompassing health and weight-loss program developed to teach, train, and support individuals through the process of establishing healthy lifestyle habits. During this program our healthcare professionals will assist you in seamlessly integrating components of fitness, nutrition and counseling into your lifestyle in order to facilitate your success. Lose It For Life is located on California’s Central Coast in San Luis Obispo at the innovative Gymnazo.

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   Success Stories

“I was skeptical before I started the Lose it for Life SLO program. I knew I needed to lose weight. I knew I was out of shape. I thought I was getting arthritis in my hips… Read more


     Our Background

Our staff is prepared to transform your life. Our background gives us the tools we need to make the transformation easy and fun for you. From our nutritionist to our trainers, we make sure that you get the best advice possible.


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    How does it work?

We have 3 months to make it happen. With 3-6 workouts a week with Gymnazo, weekly nutrition meeting, and group support, you’re put into a program where it’s both fun and easy to lose weight. Learn more about how it works.

    Graduate Program

Looking for something longer than three months? Sign up for our graduate program to keep up your healthy living. Workout in Gymnazo’s Airo program, or even work your way into the Ethos program.


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Our nutrition program helps you learn how to eat and cook healthy. It’s not about fad diets or eating less, it’s about eating real food.


Experience the best exercise program on the coast. Gymnazo will push you to the limits with functional and transformative exercises.

Group Support

Get together with your group every week to learn from the best experts in the county.


Get before and after medical assessments to understand the impacts of the program on your health.

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